Vietnam Is Climbing The Creativity Ladder

By 1 August 2016 No Comments

via Campaign Asia — Alan Cerutti of Happiness/FCB Saigon updates us on the good creative progress that’s recently been made in Vietnam. It’s true, there’s been an explosion of good ideas and agencies churning them out.

Marketers are realising that it is no longer enough to simply sell the features of the product and are now focussing on a search for strategies that will allow consumers to create emotional connections. Due to this advertising is using more and more insights to become embedded in the local culture, giving it at the same time a boost towards more connectedness.

Yes, consumers are evolving and opening up to new ideas and communications channels. But the thoughtful piece fails to mention whether or not the Coca Cola and VinaMilk campaigns were envisioned and created by Vietnamese nationals, and if so, who they are.

I think until Vietnamese creative directors are writing and submitting pieces like these to respected trade journals like Campaign Asia, Vietnam has got a few more rungs to go before we can honestly say the country is rapidly climbing the advertising creativity ladder.

You can read the full article here in Campaign Asia.