The Trouble with CMOs

By 23 July 2017 No Comments
Harvard Business Review

via Harvard Business Review — 80% of CEOs don’t trust or are unimpressed with their CMOs. (In comparison, just 10% of the same CEOs feel that way about their CFOs and CIOs.)

CMOs also sense a serious problem. 74% of them say they believe their jobs don’t allow them to maximize their impact on the business.

CMO turnover stems from poor job design. Any company can make a bad hire, but when responsibilities, expectations, and performance measures are not aligned and realistic, it sets a CMO up to fail.

Of course, not all CMO positions should be the same. Companies have different needs, challenges, and goals, and the CMO’s role has to reflect those realities.

Before even considering candidates for the job, a CEO must decide which kind of CMO would be best for the company.

Kimberly Whitler finally suggests that everyone will benefit if a company creates the right CMO role from the beginning and then finds the right kind of person to fill it.