GDPR Makes Better Marketers

By 25 May 2018 No Comments

The ultimate goal of GDPR is to give consumers more control and power over their digital lives. By empowering customers and listening to them, they become more satisfied with their experiences and the organizations providing them with tailored digital experiences become better marketers in the process.

HubSpot summarizes it this way:

“All of the recent data protection laws, from CAN-SPAM to CASL to the GDPR and beyond, are built for a simple reason: to provide better experiences for our customers and the people who trust us with their data.

In that way, they’re perfectly aligned with the concept of Inbound. Be relevant, be helpful, be transparent, and you’ll be on your way to compliance.

Be spammy, interruptive, aggressive, and you’ll be in trouble. Complying with the GDPR will require effort, and that effort may lead to stress between now and deadline day. But, at the end of the day, if the GDPR makes your customers’ lives better, it’ll grow your business as a result.”

We couldn’t agree more.