Asana CRM

By 2 June 2016 No Comments

Here at Digilyst we use Asana everyday for projects big and small. It’s easy to use, and when we introduce our clients to it for the first time to collaborate on Agile projects, they are up and running within an hour.

The good people over at Asana also offer up their service as a “lightweight” CRM. This makes a lot of sense. It’s a good 1st “CRM” for SMBs who are still in love with Excel for managing their contacts and leads.

We still recommend a true CRM tool like Capsule or Base that plays well with Google Apps, et al. But if you need to turn on a CRM in a hurry, this is a cool way to solve the problem of tracking important business relationships. And the best part is that it’s free for teams up to 15 members.