Is Agile is still Agile?

By 8 July 2016 No Comments

via Forbes — “Organizations have fundamental challenges with portfolio management. My view is if you get your portfolio and your strategy sorted out, and have an Agile mindset, everything else flows and amazing things happen. But getting to that point is not easy. And changing the Manifesto isn’t going to fix it. You’ve just got to learn to be Agile and live Agile, not just do Agile from time to time.

The Agile movement started 15 years ago and that seems like a long time. But really the Agile movement is just entering the phase of being a teenager, which is a dangerous age. Agile is not mature yet. There is still a lot to discover. We’re still learning how to become Agile. When I hear people talk about going “beyond Agile” and look for the next new thing, what they really mean is that they want to do Agile like we meant in the first place.” Read Steve Denning’s excellent article in Forbes.

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